Formed in 2017, the Tile Association of New Zealand (TANZ) was established for tilers who appreciate the trade and want to uphold professionalism and quality standards within the industry.

Commonly a small business trade, TANZ provides a forum for its members to come together and collectively discuss issues, encourage progress and change, and offers training, continual development and support to tilers throughout their entire career. TANZ is a voice for the tiling industry - one that can educate on common tiling errors, provide customer confidence, and strengthen the industry's reputation.

The association represents New Zealand's tilers who are passionate about providing their customers with excellent service and quality workmanship, giving us the coverage and awareness required to monitor and successfully support the people working in our industry. It operates as a Trade Association with a Board who are responsible for setting and delivering objectives for its members.


  • TANZ, Tile Association of New Zealand, was established to support, educate and protect the tiling industry in New Zealand.
  • TANZ is committed to upholding quality tiling standards within the industry through assisting with the improvement of every element of the installation process.
  • A key objective for TANZ is to regulate the tiling industry, giving both tilers, consumers, and other associated parties peace of mind.
  • TANZ will mediate between tilers and their clients to approve the standard of a job when required and will advise and support a tiler through the complete process of correcting a failed job.
  • TANZ will be a transparent association that will communicate to (and on behalf of) its members directly and truthfully.
  • TANZ is here to provide its members the platform to have a strong collective voice and is not about sales and promoting products.  We are an unbiased association with no affiliations to importers or products suppliers.
  • Member accountability includes the Tiler following all manufacture specifications and installation guidelines, and using imported products (tiles, membranes and adhesives) that have a proven performance history - avoiding cheaper and/ inferior products.


To be considered the industry’s preferred membership organisation that provides the following for its members and their customers:

  • Membership support and value – to provide TANZ members with the support, advice and training required throughout their career.
  • National recognition – to be recognised as New Zealand’s recognised national industry body for tiling.
  • Protection for customers – to provide customers with workmanship guarantees, and expected quality trade practices and professional standards.
  • Positive Industry Reputation  – to establish nationwide awareness for TANZ, with the brand reflecting a strong reputation for industry quality and service.
  • Industry Development – to create industry benchmarks, promote best practice and standards that add value.