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One of the ways we support the industry is by providing services direct to the public and our members. 

These services focus on support, education and expert knowledge of our experts.  This includes providing reports, investigating install failures, overseeing the installation process and providing expert witness statements. 

The services we offer include:

Tile reports


Assistance for when things go bad...

TANZ offers a Tiling Inspection Report service which will look at issues that may arise from time to time with tile installations.

We give an unbiased opinion based on the New Zealand / Australian tiling standards , the BRANZ Good practice guide : Tiling and New Zealand MBIE guide to tolerances.

Whether the tiler is a member of TANZ or not, the report will be based on the evidence at hand, and is to be used in a manner to reach an outcome, so that both parties have clear direction as to what needs to happen to reach a conclusion.

The report also can highlight when an installation is of an acceptable or poor standard, giving the tiler independent support that is needed to resolve a disagreement.

Tiling Reports for members start from $1,840 for members, and $2,400 for non-members.  Travel is additional to the report fee.

To enquire about a tile report, contact us here >

Investigation work

TANZ offers a range Tiling investigation work, whereby a affiliated member determined by TANZ will fully investigate works that have been done or specifications that are written that have failed or are failing, so as to give an understanding of the issues and liability.

With an increase of products and product systems that are being presented to the New Zealand market, not all products have acceptable testing, or even support for their use by the Manufacturers of the products. This had lead to failures of tile installations, leaving the owners or tilers to deal with the aftermath.

TANZ most loyal members have a good understanding of these type of failures and have already presented evidence in the High Courts of New Zealand and had successes with their cases as defendants.

This investigation work can give a good indicator as to risk assessment that may be needed prior to legal action.

If you have an issue with an installation and need further clarification please contact us

Installation oversight

TANZ specialized affiliated members can help facilitate the service of providing installation documentation for large projects, some high end remedial works, and renovations and record of works. As the professionals in our industry specialized affiliated members will review the full specification of installation and record the installation from start to finish, noting all critical parts of the installation.  Making sure the full specification and tiling installation together with waterproofing (if required) follows best practice construction methodology.

This gives peace of mind that an independent party has viewed and logged the tiling process, if you require this service please contact us

Expert witness

TANZ specialized affiliated members offer the services of being an expert witnesses for legal matters, in these cases all information presented is based not just on an opinion, but on written information that is factual and will provide clear understanding of the issue/s that needs to be ruled upon.

Research on tile installation, product specification, building design, installation sequencing and time frames are all important factors that need to be addressed and presented before any disputes forum .

This type of work has been taken on by TANZ specialized affiliated members and have proved successful in Disputes Courts and the High Court of New Zealand.

To enquire about expert witness services, please contact us.

Support and advice

TANZ offers a free support line (0800 845 369) in where we can share information that can help you the public, but where a problem might be one of a more complicated nature, a local TANZ member maybe able to offer assistance, or advice.

Many tilers have become members of Tile Geeks NZ, on Facebook this is a forum to discuss issues, in where public sharing has reduced common problems.