We support all parts of the tiling trade

The retail section of the tile process is as important as the installation of the tiles, as this is often the first point of contact with the customer, and picking the right tile for the job, is vital to having happy clients, and a successful tile installation.

TANZ is there to support the Retailer, and giving support in promoting best practice, which is best for the tiling industry.

Its nice to know that there is an independent body that is happy to hear and act upon any tiling issues that may arise, allowing you to not feel forced into taking sides with a client or the tiler.

TANZ is happy to arrange trade evenings with new products at your place of business, drawing new clientele for you to work with, and advertising your tile shop on our website, and listing you on our directory.

So join up to TANZ and help promote our industries future.


Promote your business

Become part of our tile retailer members and draw new clientele through our tiling membership. 

Membership fee:  $340 per year

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