All TANZ Association Members will abide by the following Code of Ethics

  1. To consider our relationship with the public, builders, architects and local councils as vital for the future of tiling. 
  2. To provide quality installations within all aspects of the tiling trade following best practice, and manufacturers specifications at all times.
  3. To follow manufacturers specifications with a trusted full system.
  4. To treat all clients with fairness, honesty and dignity.
  5. To use trade knowledge to benefit the client and not exploit their lack of understanding.
  6. To be able to stand behind any and all tile installations as being correct.
  7. To sort any dispute conflict or disagreement promptly and fairly.
  8. To be a positive member, sharing knowledge and supporting other members wherever possible.
  9. To being proactive in supporting TANZ and its goals in strengthen the association and the tiling trade, protecting the reputation of TANZ and its associated members and our industry to the best of our abilities.
  10. To inform TANZ of any issues that may have a detrimental effect on the association or the tiling industry.