Supporting ARCHITECTS with wet area specification support

Architects are integral to a successful tile installation - and by arming them with the knowledge and education of product and install specifications, they benefit too. 

Our architect membership provides:

  • Wet area specification support
  • Tile product specification support
  • A 15% discount off report writing; oversight work or investigation work
  • A monthly update on new developments in the tiling industry
  • Accurate information about tiling products, their limitations to help avoid install failure


Invest in accuracy today!

For a nominal investment, you can guarantee your build plans are always accurate.  With our support you can gain efficiencies in your planning process. 

The investment is worth it!

Membership fee:  $115

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While it may seem strange for a tile association to offer membership to architects - this is part of our core strategy to safeguard our own industry. 

Our focus is on education and knowledge and for us to achieve this, we need to include other industries who work alongside our tiling professionals. 

Protect yourself

Specifications to safeguard all

By not knowing the correct product or install specifications you leave yourself vulnerable to legal prosecution when it all goes wrong.

TANZ is here to stop product manipulation for the sake of sales.  We work with reliable manufacturers and distributors of tile system products - they all have a proven track record and don't take short cuts or make statements they can't stand behind.

For a small annual investment $99 + GST, you will gain so much in the long run.