Whether you are just starting out in your tiling career or have many years of tiling experience under your belt, TANZ membership is for you.


TANZ's primary goal is to help all of its members run profitable and hassle free businesses. 

The more effective you are at running your businesses the easier and more profitable it will be.  By helping you avoid costly mistakes through better education and using the latest techniques, you and your customers will benefit greatly.

Secondary to that goal is working with other industries to safeguard our own.  Architects and builders are encouraged to become members so they too can gain support to ensure their understanding of specifications leads to a successful tile installation, and consequently a successful build. 

We provide our members with the following:

  • Represent TANZ members as a Representative Industry Body
  • Education and training
  • Tiling literature, brochures and notices
  • Technical and industry related information and support
  • Professional recognition as a member of the only recognised national industry body for tiling.

You will also receive access to package deals for Insurance, Health and Safety, Income Protection, and Accounting by approved suppliers of TANZ.  We have done the hard work for you and made sure all of these suppliers meet our standards for the industry.

By joining TANZ you can be confident that you are receiving trade specific support and products that on price and quality cant be beaten.

Make your business profitable!

With our support you can turn your tiling business into a profitable and hassle free business

The investment is worth it!

Membership fee:  from $340

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While it may seem strange for a tile association to offer membership to other professions - it is all part of our core strategy to safeguard our own industry.

Our focus is on education and knowledge and for us to achieve this, we need to include other industries who work alongside our tiling professionals.

We offer memberships to the following:


Become part of our tile retailer members and draw new clientele through our tiling membership

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As an architect, you can get support to make sure your building plans are accurate, and that your specification is suitable for the installation. 

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Make sure the E2 and E3 tiling on your building plans is to the correct specification, and make your build hassle free. 

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